Dear Lil,

As the golden sun is setting, on your life of many years,

We will remember you fondly, and shed some happy tears.

Your life has been fantastic, in everything you did.

You dearly loved your family, especially the little kids.

You were my teacher and protector, from the time that I was born.

You helped me get through trials and strife, you always blew my horn.

For ninety-one happy and loving years, you have been my guide.

Always faithful to your God, with whom you now reside.

Your smile, your love and kindness, spreading far and wide.

Love of friends and family, showing in your pride.

You were a talented china painter, one of the  very best.

You painted thousands of pieces, you worked at it with zest.

Remember our trip to California, on the Southwest Chief we hailed.

We made some beautiful memories, while riding on the rails.

While the kids were in college, you mailed them cinnamon rolls.

Inhaled at once, the wait began, for yet another dole.

At Christmas time without fail, popcorn balls were neat,

Everyone looked forward to this very special treat.


My love always, Hiram

July 27, 2014