We’re proud to take this Honor Flight,
To honor those brave men lost in the fight.
To make sure their lives were not lost in vain,
We pledge to stand ready to fight again.

These boys were young, but grew into men,
Our country has freedom because of them.
They answered the call, ’twas the right thing to do,
They gave their all for me and for you.

They were our best, just kids at the time,
They stood their ground, they held the line.
Fighting for freedom all day and all night,
With teamwork from all, we won the fight.

Our flag flies high in the land of the free,
A symbol of freedom for all to see.
Fly her proudly every day in your town,
Protect her from all who would strike her down.

Our heartiest thanks to those volunteers,
Who give of their time, their talents and cheers.
So we can all visit our memorial so grand,
On hallowed ground in this wonderful land.

October 1, 2011