As I awoke this morning and lay in my bed,
Visions of you came alive in my head.
I remember the time of years long ago,
When I was chosen to be your beau.

You were quite popular back in those days,
And life was simpler in many ways.
I admired you from the back of the crowd,
Wanting to talk to you, but didn’t know how.

You were a beauty, a real genuine cutie,
To meet and talk to you, I felt was my duty.
I finaly got courage, my love to proclaim,
My fears were unfounded, for you felt the same.

A wonderful marriage, our love a delight,
God was there with us, so I know it was right.
We were together for sixty-six years,
Sharing love, laughter and yes , many tears.

We raised a great family for all to see,
We did what we could to help those in need.
I pray that our life was not lived in vain,
And as God has promised we will meet again.

May 25, 2012