I’d like to take you by the hand,
And walk our paths again.
Sharing memories of all we’ve done,
Since our lives had first begun.

We’d visit the past of years gone by,
Back to our teens our minds would fly.
We’d remember important little things,
That we had forgotten, our hearts would sing.

We’d go back to our time in school,
Life was a pleasure and not so cruel.
We walked to school, there was no bus,
We were together and this was a plus.

We quickly became very good friends,
After graduation our lives started to blend.
I asked you to marry me, you said I do,
And our vows were proclaimed in ’42.

We were married for sixty-six years,
We shared lots of love and also tears.
Tears of sadness and tears of joys
And from God above, two girls and four boys.

August 15, 2012