Each morning I see your picture on the wall, and think of our meeting at school in the hall..
This was a genuine thrill for me, to talk to this girl I had only seen.
I think of the pleasures that evolved in our life, because of you my wonderful wife..
I give you my greeting, “Good Morning Sweetheart”, you give me the strength, my morning to start.

I feel you with me as my days task is planned, to find someones need, and help if I can.
And always with me, you keep me goin’, inspiring me to write a new poem.
Our life was filled with memories galore, from the time we first met, ’till you went with the Lord.
To use these memories, I just open the door, for here in my heart is where they are stored.

Your picture I see when I first arise, your smile and the glow of those bright blue eyes.
You’re a beautiful girl and I feel so blessed, I’ll never know how I passed the test.
It was God’s will that I cared for you, our skies were always a beautiful blue.
I love you darling, you’re a real good sport, who knew that life could be so short.

Love always,
January 15, 2010